Sam Fröjdö


Sam Fröjdö grew up in Kronoby, Ostrobothnia in a working-class home filled with song and the sound of the accordion, violin, piano and guitar. The drums, which he had shown an aptitude for at a young age, came to be Sam’s instrument of choice and by the age of 12-13 he was performing with local theater- and revue orchestras around the region and founded rock bands with his like-minded friends.

In the years 1992-2006 Sam studied at LaFo, Jakobstad Conservatorium, Åbo UAS, and Åbo Akademi, and through his extensive studies became renowned for possessing knowledge in a broad range of fields, including pop/jazz, classical percussion, composition, musicology, and music pedagogy. In 2017 he was awarded for his work at Åbo Rockskola (formerly known as Åbo School of Rock) which he founded in 2008.

Since 1995 Fröjdö has performed on stages of various kinds; as a chorus singer in the opera Röd Hamn at the Finnish National Opera, as a bass singer in the vocal ensemble Camerata Aboensis. He has played drums in rock bands around Europe and toured the east coast of Australia. In addition to his work as artistic director and teacher at Åbo Rockskola, Sam has also served as choral conductor for the Åbo Sångarbröder Musices Amantes, among others. Furthermore, Fröjdö has published short stories and written a long series of song lyrics and poetry, and works as a visual artist with watercolors, acrylic and oil.

Sam Fröjdö's versatility as a musician and composer is apparent. His album of children's music (Tjolahåpp! Nummer 2) will be released this autumn and he will both working on and featured in various upcoming works of art- and jazz music. Sam released his first solo album titled Isle Of Joy in December 2021.