Vaasa City Orchestra

Regular orchestral concerts in Vaasa date back to 1930, when an Orchestra Society was founded in the town. In 1974, the orchestra became part of the City of Vaasa, and at that time was given its name Vaasa City Orchestra. Vaasa City Orchestra comprises 31 musicians. Tomas Djupsjöbacka has been the chief conductor of the orchestra since January 2021. The orchestra’s composer-in-residence is Markus Fagerudd. The orchestra works and performs in the historical Vaasa City Hall, in the center of Vaasa.

The orchestra gives concerts at several music festivals, such as Rusk, Ilmajoki Music Festival, Korsholm Music Festival, and Lohtajan kirkkomusiikkijuhlat. In addition to traditional symphonic concerts, the orchestra does concerts with other musical directions, for schools etc. Together with Vaasan kaupunkiteatteri the orchestra does operatic work, and collaborations with orchestras in the neighboring region are also part of the annual activity. Furthermore, the orchestra arranges its own visiting concerts in Helsinki and other places.

Since 1999, every third year, Vaasa City Orchestra has organized the International Jorma Panula Conducting Competition together with Viljo and Maire Vuorio Foundation. Vaasa City Orchestra operates also as the orchestra for the annual Jorma Panula conductor course.